10 Reasons why you should use Laravel

Laravel is unarguably the most popular PHP framework out there. Over a period of time, its popularity has skyrocketed and Laravel has captured a major chunk in the PHP frameworks industry. 

Not only Laravel has captured the market share but it has surpassed its competitors in terms of popularity. Here is a quick look into that:

Let us check out all of the reasons one by one.

1 – Pre-Built Authentication System:

Laravel saves a lot of time when it comes to building a user authorization and registration system. You do not have to create anything from scratch since the user authentication and authorization system comes pre-built with Laravel.

Laravel takes care of all the security issues that come with the user authentication system. The developers have done a perfect job in building it.

This is going to save tons of your time and get the development process speed up.

2 – Easy to use ORM:

Laravel comes with its ORM. If you hate writing SQL statements then this ORM would help you to manipulate databases without writing SQL queries. You will be writing the code though but not in SQL. Laravel’s ORM is one of the best ORM out there and the easiest to use. 

I have developed Django projects too and used Django’s built-in ORM and as compared to Laravel it’s difficult to learn. If you are starting with a PHP framework, go with Laravel.

3 – Lightweight Templates:

Laravel has lightweight templates and an amazing template engine. With the availability of several widgets, you can quickly get started with your Laravel app without coding the basic things first. Laravel takes care of those things!

4 – Artisan:

The artisan comes in-built with Laravel. With Artisan, you can do repetitive tasks with simple commands. Suppose you want to create a new Laravel project, setup basic files, create a database, connecting the database with the project, and much more. It would consume a lot of time to do these things.

However, with Artisan, you can write single-line commands and all of this work would be done automatically. Laravel has done an amazing job when it comes to automating repetitive tasks.

5 – Laravel Libraries:

Laravel comes with different libraries. One of the most popular ones is authentication as we discussed above. There are several other libraries like the CSRF protection library and many more. With these libraries, it becomes easy for a developer to start developing Laravel apps without worrying about other things.

6 – Effortless Database Manipulation:

Laravel makes it extremely easy to interact and manipulate the database. Suppose, you have an existing database and now you need to enlarge it. It would be a lot of hassle to do it with other frameworks. With Laravel, it is extremely easy to enlarge the database even without the use of SQL. Migrating a database with Laravel is a piece of cake.

7 – Logical Representation of Code:

The MVC architecture is supported by Laravel. With this, it becomes easy for the developer to separate the logic of his/her code. This helps in developing a clean code application. Due to the MVC architecture, the performance of the Laravel application is enhanced.

8 – Great Community Support:

Laravel has a community of developers and open-source enthusiasts. At the time of writing this article, Laravel has 62.6k stars on GitHub and 160,000+ questions on StackOverflow. The big community is always there to help if you get stuck.

9 – Strong Security System:

Laravel comes with strong security support. It uses encryption to save passwords. It is extremely hard to hack a Laravel app. Laravel also prevents SQL injection that you would be coding to prevent in case if you developing the website in custom PHP.

10 – Tons of resources to learn from:

Other than its great community support, there are thousands of tutorials on Laravel. Laracasts is an amazing platform to learn Laravel from. One can get started with it right away.

These are some of the reasons why you should learn and start developing in Laravel for 2021. If you are interested in getting a Laravel project developed, you can get in touch with us on.

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