UX and its impact around the globe

Over the last few decades, there has been a repetitive noise about the field of UX and its impact around the globe. The profession of UX is newborn if we compare it with other existing fields of Computer Science and modern-day technology. However, it is not only related to the area of Information Technology and Computer Science, but it involves other various fields as well. Knowing the fact that how huge UX is, makes it more difficult and intense to understand what will be your future if you are new into the profession of UX Design or if you are making your mind to jump into this field.

UX offers more roles and opportunities than people think in terms of a long career; you just have to choose what suits you, your skills and what will be your goal in the future because different UX Specialists deal with different challenges and roles. These are some following roles which UX offers:

  1. UX Manager

  2. Team Leader

  3. UX Project Lead

  4. UX Principal

Each one of these plays an essential role in any organization, which I mentioned earlier, you have to find your interest and skills accordingly. In this blog, I will try to explain the outline of these roles, so let’s begin.

UX Manager

As the name suggests, this role is not about putting your head in each and every tiny detail of the project. It is more of a managerial position. As a UX Manager, you will be responsible for reviewing and evaluating deliverables from the design and research team. Creating UX Design strategies for organizations and clients is also part of this field. As a UX Manager, you can also expand and develop the UX team for the organization.

Team Leader

The Team Leader role is all about leading the team. As a Team Leader, you will look after managing, mentoring, and synchronizing the team members. A Team Leader needs to lead from the front, and that requires skills like resource management, project management, time management, and, most importantly, a good mentor.

UX Project Lead

UX Project Lead is the one who takes responsibility for controlling and managing User Experience of one project at a time. As a UX Project Lead, you will look after completion of the project. Not only this, responsibilities like interacting with clients and stakeholders also fall in the bucket of UX Project Lead. Creating a vision for a product and its development is also a significant factor in which UX Project Lead contributes.

UX Principal

The possibility of having a UX Principal in an organization is infrequent, but if there is one, then he holds the value above all other UX team members. Working in detail and coming up with new ideas belong to this guy. UX Principal works with clients and stakeholders because identifying the problem and coming up with the best solution is what he loves doing. UX Principal is similar to UX Project Lead in some ways, but due to the roles which come under his belt makes him more valuable than others. UX Principal is also known as UX Strategist because he defines the UX strategy for an organization, product, website, or an app.


As mentioned earlier, the explanation and definition of these roles can give an idea to UX Designers who want to grow their careers in this field. It depends upon the interest, liking, strengths, and the skills which will allow them to take the path to be a UX Leader in the future.

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